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DUE - 7 March 2022


Ensure your ePoster is uploaded no later than 7 March 2022.

Presenting your ePoster

An ePoster is a visual medium that you use to communicate a key idea related to your research. It presents that idea in a verbal and graphic way.

Unlike an oral presentation, a poster does (most) of your talking – but the great thing about hybrid events is your poster will not only be available for those attending in-person but also visible online.

There are several advantages to presenting a poster:

  • Posters can be viewed at any time. Your ePoster will be available for viewing throughout the conference on large screens in the catering and exhibition area and in the dedicated Online Poster Gallery. These will be available to be viewed prior to the conference and after the conference through the online platform & conference app.
  • Viewers can “absorb” the presentation in their own time/way.

Electronic posters (ePosters) will be available for viewing for the duration of the conference in the catering and exhibition area at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart and in the Online Poster Gallery. ePosters will also be made available to be viewed prior to the conference and after the conference in the online platform & conference app.

An example of the online gallery is shown below.

The layout of your ePoster is at your discretion, however, brevity and clarity are the essence of a good ePoster. The aim of ePosters is to display your project or an idea in a concise form, enabling delegates to grasp the essentials of the subject in a short time frame.

  • Electronic posters (ePosters) will be prepared in PowerPoint (1 slide | 16:9 format), displayed during the conference on LCD screen/s in the exhibition area.
  • ePosters rotate automatically and each poster will be shown for around one minute.
  • Delegates will have the ability to pause individual posters to view in more detail.
  • An index is included to make it simple to navigate to a specific poster.

The abstract and a PDF version of accepted ePosters will be featured in the conference app and online platform.

It is critical you check your ePoster on a computer other than the one you use to create the ePoster. This allows you to check any photos, audio or videos are embedded correctly and the layout and fonts transfer as you want.

ePosters will be uploaded as received. Please ensure you fully proof your ePoster before submitting it.

Preparing your ePoster

Please see the example poster template below.

CD Poster Template

Click ‘Design’ followed by ‘Slide Size’ as shown in the image below.






Click ‘Custom Slide Size’ and the below slide settings will appear, ensure your slide settings match.







Click images to enlarge.

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