Lightning Talk Presentation Guidelines | Hybrid

Thank you for presenting at the 2022 eDNA Conference!

We want to ensure your presentation runs smoothly.
The following guidelines and resources are designed to assist with your preparation and participation.
If you have queries please contact

Lightning Talk Presentations will be 5 minutes in duration and be accompanied by an ePoster.

Presentations will all be LIVE.

Virtual presenters will be streamed into the session via Zoom.

Presentations should not exceed their allocated time.

Presenters are required to register for the conference no later than 28 January 2022.

If you have any questions please contact


DUE - 7 March 2022


Ensure your presentation is uploaded no later than 7 March 2022.


DUE - 7 March 2022

ePoster UPLOAD

Ensure your ePOSTER is uploaded no later than 7 March 2022.



Below are some tips to assist you. Most importantly, please ensure your presentation recording is kept to your allocated time.

If you have any queries email prior to the conference.

The presentation computers use Windows and PowerPoint. Please bring your own equipment and cables if using a Mac or other program/software.

Use 16:9 presentation aspect (4:3 square aspect will not fill the venue screens).

Embed audio and video content, don’t link to external files.

Give consent to publish your slides by responding to the email sent following the conference.

Upload your presentation prior to 7 March 2022.

VIA 2022 eDNA Lightning Talk Presentations.

Presentations should be named with the day, session and time of your presentation (Day_Session_Time)

Bring printed material if required as there are no office facilities at the venue.

Presentations are a maximum of 5 minutes, including questions.

Go to your session room 15 minutes prior to the start time to meet the session chair and AV technician. Familiarise yourself with the room and audiovisual setup.

Bring a copy of your presentation on a USB.

Sit at the front so you can move to the lectern after the Session Chair introduces you.

If you need assistance, ask your Session Chair. AV Technicians will troubleshoot any technical issues.

You must start and end on time to avoid impacting other sessions and activities in the program. Session Chairs will end your presentation if it runs overtime.

Session Chairs will flash timecards at 2 mins and 1 min prior to the end of your session.

When the bell rings, you must stop speaking – this signals the end of your session.

Session Chairs will only field questions if there is sufficient time remaining.

Thank your attendees and Session Chair!

Below are some tips to assist you. Most importantly, please ensure your presentation recording is kept to your allocated time.

If you have any queries email prior to the conference.


The conference will be delivered online using the Events AIR “OnAIR” platform. Sessions will be delivered via “OnAIR” using Zoom meetings.

A dedicated AV technician will be allocated to sessions and available to provide support as required. The AV technician will manage the broadcast stream via the “OnAIR” platform.

Live Q&A will be facilitated by session chairs, with questions from the audience submitted via text for the session chair to read aloud to presenters for answer.

Presenters should  join their Zoom meeting 30 minutes prior to the commencement of their session to meet the session host and session chair.

The session host will run through the sequence of proceedings for the session and conduct a technology check prior to sessions going live promptly at the programmed time.

The Conference Managers will send presenters Zoom meeting details for their session. For sessions, presenters will only need to join the Zoom meeting. There is no need to log into the OnAIR portal.

We strongly suggest that virtual presenters provide us with a pre-recording of their presentation as a backup.

To pre-record your presentation, record your video using the software you feel most comfortable with.

If you have little experience recording videos, we suggest Zoom or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Keep your presentation recording to your allocated time slot. If you go over time you will be required to edit and re-submit by the deadline.

Recordings need be provided to the Conference Managers in MP4 format. Should your presentation be received in a format other than MP4 you will be asked to resubmit in an MP4 format.

If you have limited online presentation experience or are looking for some tips about how to take your online presentation to the next level, we encourage you to take a look at the Presenter Toolkit.


Recordings must be provided to Conference Design:

  • In MP4 format.
  • As a single file. Multiple files will not be accepted.
  • Submit via the Presentation Video Upload box below.
  • Files to be named: presenter name, day, session and time of your presentation (First. Last_Day_Session_Time).

If making changes, always ensure to upload the latest version. Each upload is stamped with date/time so we will only use the latest version uploaded to the system.


Presenters will be sent a calendar invite with a video link (Zoom Meetings or similar) a week prior to the conference.

This link will allow you to join your session.

On the day of your session, please log in to the video link 30 minutes prior to the start of your session.

This will allow you time to conduct a technology check with the AV technician and conduct final preparations before your session goes live at the programmed time.

Before joining the via the video link, please check your equipment is in good working order (i.e. microphone and camera working, plenty of battery if using a laptop, stable internet connection).

Please join your session 30 minutes prior to the commencement time to meet with your session host, session chair and the presenters in your session. Your session host will run through the sequence of proceedings for your session and conduct a technology check with the chair and presenters prior to the session going live promptly at the programmed time.

Please note program times are listed in AEDT. To view the program for the date, time and details of your session, visit: Edna Conference Program

To ensure the program keeps to time, please ensure your presentation is no longer than 5 minutes.

Session Opening:

  • The session chair will welcome delegates to the session and introduce the first presentation with the presentation title, presenter name and short biography.
  • The session chair will remind delegates to put any questions they have for the presenters in the Live Q&A box to the right of their screen.
  • You will then share your screen and present live.

During the session:

  • At the conclusion of each presentation, the session host will bring the presenter and session chair on screen for Q&A.
  • A link to the delegate Q&A feed will be provided to the session chair and presenters, so all can see questions being asked from the audience.
  • Following Q&A, the session chair will introduce the next speaker.

Closing the session:

  • Following Q&A with the final presenter, the session chair will thank all presenters, deliver final remarks and close the session.
  • At the conclusion of the session, presenters can leave the session video link and log into the OnAIR conference platform to participate in other conference activities as a delegate.

Live support will be available throughout the conference opening hours and will include dedicated IT/AV support.

All sessions will have a dedicated AV host who will be available for immediate support.

Should you be unable to join your session by the video link, please contact us by any of the following options:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +61 3 6231 2999
  • OnAIR Control Room Chat: this chat feed is easily accessible via your presentation in the online conference portal. Queries will be quickly picked up by the support team
  • Live Support Hub: live support is immediately accessible via the icon at the top of the online conference portal. Users should log their query in the live support chat box and a team member will respond as quickly as possible.


An ePoster is a visual medium that you use to communicate a key idea related to your research. It presents that idea in a verbal and graphic way.

Unlike an oral presentation, a poster does (most) of your talking – but the great thing about hybrid events is your poster will not only be available for those attending in-person but also visible online.

There are several advantages to presenting a poster:

  • Posters can be viewed at any time. Your ePoster will be available for viewing throughout the conference on large screens in the catering and exhibition area and in the dedicated Online Poster Gallery. These will be available to be viewed prior to the conference and after the conference through the online platform & conference app.
  • Viewers can “absorb” the presentation in their own time/way.
  • You will have the ability to not only share with viewers your poster but put together a Lightning Talk presentation to present the findings/research that was captured on your poster.

Electronic posters (ePosters) will be available for viewing for the duration of the conference in the catering and exhibition area at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart and in the Online Poster Gallery. ePosters will also be made available to be viewed prior to the conference and after the conference in the online platform & conference app.

An example of the online gallery is shown below.

The layout of your ePoster is at your discretion, however, brevity and clarity are the essence of a good ePoster. The aim of ePosters is to display your project or an idea in a concise form, enabling delegates to grasp the essentials of the subject in a short time frame.

  • Electronic posters (ePosters) will be prepared in PowerPoint (1 slide | 16:9 format), displayed during the conference on LCD screen/s in the exhibition area.
  • ePosters rotate automatically and each poster will be shown for around one minute.
  • Delegates will have the ability to pause individual posters to view in more detail.
  • An index is included to make it simple to navigate to a specific poster.

The abstract and a PDF version of accepted ePosters will be featured in the conference app and online platform.

It is critical you check your ePoster on a computer other than the one you use to create the ePoster. This allows you to check any photos, audio or videos are embedded correctly and the layout and fonts transfer as you want.

ePosters will be uploaded as received. Please ensure you fully proof your ePoster before submitting it.

Preparing your ePoster

Please see the example poster template below.

CD Poster Template

Click ‘Design’ followed by ‘Slide Size’ as shown in the image below.






Click ‘Custom Slide Size’ and the below slide settings will appear, ensure your slide settings match.







Click images to enlarge.


Live support will be available throughout the conference opening hours and will include dedicated IT/AV support. If you require assistance at the time of your presentation, you should contact support by either.


Live support is immediately accessible via the Live Support icon at the top of the online conference portal. Users should log their query in the live support chat box and a team members will respond as quickly as possible.


Presenter Chat is accessible only to the presenters of your session and the session host. If you have issues with your presentation, post in presenter chat and your session host will liaise with the support team to solve your issue.



If you will be participating in the conference from within your workplace, you will need to ensure that your workplace firewall does not block access to the streaming platforms of the sessions and networking functions. You should check access with your IT department as early as possible as it may take a few days or weeks for your request to be processed.

Below is a list of all the streaming platforms that will be used during the online conference. Your IT department will need to whitelist these programs to enable you to access the online events.

*These are not weblinks and cannot be tested through pasting them into an internet browser

Please note: If you are accessing the platform using Google Chrome, then you should experience no issues gaining access to the online conference portal from within your workplace. If the above sites are not whitelisted, then your organisation may block access to the streamed presentations and conference sessions and you will not be able to watch any of the sessions.

If you have any concerns about accessing the online conference portal, please email


The IP addresses used for Twilio REST APIs are highly dynamic, and span a large range, so it’s impractical to list each of them. Instead we recommend you allow all outbound HTTPS traffic to any * subdomain


Availability of presentations following the convention
Presentations (live and pre-recorded) will be made available to registered delegates for viewing in the eDNA Online Conference Portal following your presentation for 3 months unless you advise otherwise. Any additional files authors choose to share, as well as live Q&A/discussion forums will also be available to view during and after the presentation. Access to the Portal will be password protected and limited to only those registered at the time of the conference.

If presentations are to be used or published in any other format or forum, your specific consent will be requested.

Please ensure you have permission to use any images, music or content within your presentation. If you do not have copyright permission, your presentation will not be able to be used or published. Do not include any images copied from the internet. Getty Images and other image agencies crawl the internet looking for images that have been copied without the appropriate licences.

Copyright ownership
Consenting to have your presentation available in the portal or used in an alternative publication will not affect your ownership rights. The convention committee, the GSA or Conference Design will not acquire the ownership rights of your presentation should you agree for it to be included or used.

Will people be able to record or download my presentation?
During the registration process, delegates must acknowledge and agree to the virtual convention Terms & Conditions, which include strict rules around unauthorised photography and recording of convention material. While these measures can be taken, we cannot enforce this rule in an online environment. The assumption should be made that participants may indeed take unauthorised photographs, screenshots, audio, or video recordings, therefore you may wish to adjust the content of your presentation accordingly.

Presentations in the portal are available only to view and cannot be downloaded.

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