We are pleased to present the following ePoster presentations.

Electronic posters (ePosters) will be displayed for the duration of the conference on large flat-screen monitors in the exhibition and catering areas. A PDF version of your ePoster will also be included on the conference app, online platform and website.

Poster slides will rotate automatically and each will be shown for one-minute duration at a time. Delegates will be able to pause individual posters to view them in more detail.


01. Standardised Data on Initiatives Nyssa Braid
02. Using iDNA as a biomonitoring tool for Kakadu Christine Chivas
03. Defending Antarctica from invasion: Developing a framework for eDNA biosecurity surveillance in Antarctica Dr Laurence Clarke
04. Faecal Diet Analysis of New Zealand Native Birds Sara Ferreira
05. Realtime data analysis for species identification using the MinION mobile sequencer Dr Luana Lins
06. Development of a multi-assay approach for detecting invasive marine species for use in biosecurity applications Sherralee Lukehurst
07. Using eDNA approaches to understand the distribution of Victoria’s threatened alpine stonefly genus Thaumatoperla Julia Mynott
08. Reducing predator DNA in diet studies using PNA clamps Andrea Polanowski
09. Spatial and temporal variability of Antarctic diatom communities and the influence of environmental factors Prashasti Singh
10. Forensic detection of ‘Irukandji’ jellyfishes at Ningaloo using environmental DNA Jessica Strickland
11. Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) eDNA quantification and decay characteristics Dr Leanoie Suter
12. The microbial diversity associated with seagrasses in a large embayment in south-eastern Australia Yi Mei Tan


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