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2022 eDNA - CSIRO Logo white background

CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency. As one of the world’s largest mission-driven multidisciplinary science and research organisations, we solve Australia’s greatest challenges through innovative science and technology.

CSIRO recognises that research methods are evolving rapidly. This provides opportunities to address previously intractable science questions by bringing together cross-disciplinary capabilities.

The Environomics Future Science Platform (FSP) at CSIRO brings together genomics, bioinformatics and nano-technologies. Our goals are to find new resources in nature and reinvent how we measure and monitor ecosystem health, change and threats.

The Environomics FSP is home to some of Australia’s leading eDNA scientists. We are at the forefront of developing new technologies that make eDNA analysis more effective and accessible. We develop and test methods for eDNA collection and analysis in water and on land. We explore analytical and molecular approaches that take eDNA beyond simple species detection, and we’re building a National Biodiversity DNA Library to ensure eDNA sequences can be matched to species.

Through this conference, we are building networks of eDNA research partners nationally and globally to build the skills and science for an eDNA future of environmental measurement.

Platinum Sponsor

2022 eDNA - Wilderlab Logo 300x200

BOOTHS 5 & 6

Wilderlab is Aotearoa’s only exclusive environmental DNA (eDNA) testing service. Our modern molecular laboratory in Wellington provides eDNA sample collection kits, sequencing, and analytics services for the conservation, biosecurity, education, and primary sectors. Our clients include regional councils and territorial authorities, central government agencies, environmental consultancies, primary sector organizations and community groups.

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Shaun Wilkinson, Wilderlab has been a driving force behind the rapid uptake of eDNA monitoring and surveillance across Aotearoa. Our team has abundant experience in molecular biology, ecology and bioinformatics, and is committed to advancing our understanding of the environment and its inhabitants. By maintaining strong research links, we have developed and optimised a range of highly sensitive eDNA tests for a variety of applications, from targeted single-species detection to full multi-species metabarcoding analysis.

At Wilderlab, we acknowledge the immense value our communities can contribute to the monitoring and protection of our taiao through mātauranga (traditional knowledge) and kaitiakitanga (guardianship). We have empowered hundreds of volunteers to generate high-quality environmental data through sponsorship and participation in outreach activities. Through innovative solutions and community partnerships we aim to revolutionize how people discover, preserve, and treasure their natural environment.

Gold & Keynote Speaker Sponsor

2022 eDNA - Illumina Logo

BOOTH 2 & 3

Human health and the health of our environment are intertwined. At Illumina, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on humanity, through the applications of our breakthrough genomics technologies, by unlocking the power of the genome. Our focus on innovation has established us as the global leader in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies, serving customers in the research, clinical and applied markets.

Environmental DNA (eDNA) sequencing is a rapidly emerging method for studying biodiversity and monitoring ecosystem changes. As organisms shed DNA into their environments, eDNA analysis can provide clues about the species present without disrupting the ecosystem. Potential applications of eDNA include port monitoring, biodiversity surveys, ballast water testing, soil testing, and more.

Modern environmental DNA sequencing approaches allow characterization of both bacterial and eukaryotic species in aquatic, soil, and other samples. eDNA sequencing promises to be a vital tool for biomonitoring and conservation. Scientists studying environmental DNA often analyze trace amounts of DNA per species in a given sample, without knowing the types or abundance of species represented. With next-generation sequencing (NGS), you can profile thousands of species simultaneously from a single sample. NGS also offers the sensitivity needed to detect eDNA present at low levels in the environment.

Attend our keynote presentation or visit our booth to learn how NGS is a powerful tool for studying ecosystem biodiversity and is used for biomonitoring.

Learn more at: sapac.illumina.com/destination/edna.html

Gold Sponsor

2022 eDNA - BHP Logo 300x200


As a world-leading resources company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, our products are sold worldwide. We’re focused on the resources the world needs to grow and decarbonise. Copper for renewable energy. Nickel for electric vehicles. Potash for sustainable farming. Iron ore and metallurgical coal for the steel needed for global infrastructure and the energy transition.

We put health and safety first, aim to be environmentally responsible, respect human rights and support the communities where we operate. Sustainability is a core part of who we are and what we do at BHP.

We recognise our responsibility to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and environmental resilience. In 2020, we formed a partnership with Curtin University to support research on developing and applying environmental DNA (eDNA) techniques to address challenges related to biodiversity loss and sustainability in our changing world.

The BHP and Curtin University eDNA partnership is a multi-year program with five distinct projects that each builds and expands the utility of eDNA as a biological monitoring tool. It is a global environmental initiative with aquatic and terrestrial contexts spanning across Australia and Chile.

Find out more about the eDNA for Global Environmnent Studies (eDGES) program at: https://research.curtin.edu.au/scieng/edges/

Silver Sponsor

Minderoo Foundation

Established by Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2001, Minderoo Foundation is a modern philanthropic organisation seeking to break down barriers, innovate and drive positive, lasting change. Minderoo Foundation is proudly Australian, with key initiatives spanning from ocean research and ending slavery, to collaboration against cancer and building community projects.

Minderoo Foundation’s OceanOmics program seeks to revolutionise ocean conservation by collaborating with leading experts and organisations across an array of fields to advance the field of eDNA, through methodology development, applied research projects, and direct support of relevant activities.

We are supporting the development and deployment of the most advanced technologies in environmental genomics and computational biology to characterise and monitor marine wildlife at a pace and scale that cannot be achieved by traditional survey methods. To progress towards these goals, we have sponsored research, convened discussion forums, equipped our research vessel Pangaea Ocean Explorer with cutting-edge cellular and molecular biology equipment, including high throughput DNA sequencing machines, as well as bioinformatics workstations. In collaboration with its global partners, Minderoo Foundation is also establishing a world-first reference genome centre for marine wildlife in Perth, with an initial focus on producing high quality reference genomes for marine vertebrates.

Conference App Sponsor

2022 eDNA - TropWater Logo

The Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Research (TropWATER – www.tropwater.com) conducts influential research in fields related to water science, resource management and the ecology of aquatic ecosystems. The Centre has a strong, but not exclusive, focus on tropical systems, both in Australia and internationally. It is concerned with major issues in water science, including water resources, water quality and aquatic biodiversity, in relation to economic, social and environmental needs, constraints and change.

TropWATER is leading large-scale research programmes aiming to develop rapid and cost-effective eDNA technology to identify and monitor species of management concern in northern Australia. This technology is revolutionising how we investigate biodiversity and the TropWATER team are experts in using eDNA-based approaches for practical monitoring and assessment of terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity. We are currently applying eDNA techniques to estimate the presence and distribution of aquatic invasive species (tilapia, climbing perch, snakeheads, cane toads), rare and endangered species (sawfish, frogs, turtles), invasive terrestrial species (yellow crazy ants, invasive bees and Varroa mites) and to determine the potential effects of fish passage barriers on barramundi movements.  We have a special focus on developing simple methods that enable citizen scientists and Indigenous Ranger groups to undertake eDNA monitoring in remote environments.

Dinner Sponsor + Exhibitor

2022 eDNA - EnvironDNA logo


Over the last 6 years, EnviroDNA has delivered eDNA projects for more than 100+ client organisations across Australia. We are committed to using the power of this pioneering technology to improve wildlife and biodiversity monitoring in important sectors like conservation and biosecurity. As the first dedicated provider of eDNA services in Australia, we are leaders in commercialising these techniques to add value to industry, working across a range of clients from government, not-for-profit, engineering/environmental consultancies, universities, and other private organisations.

At the core of our business is a passionate team who are keen to make a positive impact. We are a diverse mix of molecular geneticists, wildlife ecologists, data scientists, science communicators, community engagers, and business professionals. Co-founders Dr Paul Umina and Dr Andrew Weeks have extensive research backgrounds across Australia’s conservation and agricultural spheres and together with Managing Director, Helen Barclay, steward EnviroDNA to advance the accessibility of science and foster community engagement with the environment.

Highlights of our last year…
We now deliver eDNA services from our purpose-built laboratory in Brunswick, Melbourne. This has bolstered our strong resources and capability for client projects and eDNA research and development. Over the past year we have steered one of Australia’s largest citizen science projects, formulated critical data for pre-and-post Black Summer Bushfires, undertaken research to support early detection of agricultural priority pest threats and partnered with Smith-Root Inc. to become an exclusive distributor of world-leading environmental sampling equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

Bronze Sponsors

2022 eDNA - eDNA Frontiers Logo


eDNA frontiers
Solving complex environmental challenges through biodiversity profiling.

eDNA frontiers specialises in advanced metabarcode sequencing techniques to detect environmental DNA (eDNA) and providing leading biodiversity audit services to biomonitoring requirements. Recipients receive simultaneous identifications of entire communities across taxonomic groups, giving rise to greater interpretive power for decision-making.

Our experience spans multiple application fields including the oil/gas and minerals sector, environmental impact assessments, conservation and fisheries monitoring both nationally and internationally, and in ongoing screening programs for invasive marine species detection in ports, shipping zones & infrastructure builds. We can select from over 130 metabarcoding assays that have detection ranges from broad organism captures (e.g. eukaryotes or vertebrates) to those focussed on specific taxa (e.g. elasmobranch).

Experiences gained from over a decade of development working on ancient DNA and environmental DNA can help guide experimental aims to the most impactful outcomes. eDNA frontiers is an unrestricted service provider and can be openly accessed by industry, governments and community, while also offering collaborative power with our sister group the Trace and Environmental DNA lab (TrEnD) at Curtin University.

Website: https://scieng.curtin.edu.au/edna-frontiers/

2022 eDNA - Oxford Nanopore Logo 300x200


Oxford Nanopore Technologies has developed the world’s first and only nanopore DNA/RNA sequencing devices, scalable to your requirements. Oxford Nanopore brings real-time sequencing with unrestricted read lengths, to anyone, anywhere, whether in scientific research, education, or real-world applications: from clinical research and population genomics to outbreak surveillance and environmental monitoring.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies products are not intended for use for health assessment or to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.


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Centre for Invasive Species Solutions

Domestic Keynote Speaker Sponsor

2022 eDNA - Cawthron Logo 300x200

Cawthron Institute, New Zealand’s largest independent science organisation, is a leader in delivering world-class science for a better future.

Based in Nelson, our science supports healthy ecosystems, a prosperous blue economy and thriving people and communities.

While protecting our unique marine and freshwater environments, our science uses innovative ideas and technology to support New Zealand’s primary industries to develop enduring solutions and create sustainable value from precious natural resources.

Since our establishment 100 years ago, our scientists have been identifying emerging areas of research to assist industry – and New Zealand.

2022 eDNA - Bioplatforms Australia logo

Bioplatforms Australia

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