Amplicon Analysis Workshop 2022

Date: Thursday 24th & Friday 25th March 2022

Venue: CSIRO Hobart, Castray Esplanade, Battery Point

Cost: Complimentary

The use of amplicons generated by high throughput sequencing methods is now common place, and many avenues exist to learn specific workflows using explicit platforms. There are, however, fewer opportunities to learn the concepts behind amplicon sequence analysis in a platform agnostic way. We are offering an introductory course to amplicon sequence analysis. The course is aimed primarily at newcomers to sequence (amplicon) analysis and will cover the basics from experimental design to getting datasets ready for statistical analysis.

The course will comprise short lectures and hands on exercises. Course notes will be made available. There are no pre-requisites. Students will be expected to install a course virtual machine (supplied prior) to their computers before the beginning of the course.


Day One Outline:

  • Introduction to documenting your work
  • NGS/multiplexed Amplicon sequencing
  • Experimental Design
  • Initial sequence processing
  • Error Correction/denoising

Day two outline:

  • Clustering
  • Classification
  • Controls
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